Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm ~ and Sunday mornings at 9:30 am ~ for times of fellowship and growth through the study of ~

God’s Word. 



*****Journey on Thursdays ~ Studying the Gospel of John*****
**Sunday School (9:30)~ Girl's Bible Study with Maddi Simpson**
~ Maddi will lead a girl's bible study through the books of Ruth & Esther following the devotional "Be Committed" by Warren Wiersbe.



We would like to invite youth to join us each week for 
~~~Games~~~Worship~~~Prayer~~~Bible Study~~~

We strive to provide answers to the tough questions of life:
- How can we know that God is real and that He loves us?
- If God exists, then why is there so much death and disease in the world?
- Is the Bible really God's word? How can we know?
- Are Heaven and Hell real?
- If Heaven and Hell are real, then how could a loving God send someone to Hell? 

Youth Pastor: Andrew Simpson

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